Monitor Power Usage on Laptops for Energy Savings and Analysis

Comodo should develop a program that monitors ACPI Power Usage on laptops and identifie which applications are hogging resources and depleting batteries. This program should monitor CPU States, Hard drive states, wakeups per second, and power usage broken down by program.

My laptop recently stopped getting 3.5 hours of battery life - and now only gets 1.5 hours. I notice the processor speed stays high and the fans stay on medium/high speed - and the hard drive is not dropping into sleep mode when the system is idle. All of this is anecdotal because I have no way of measuring what is happening inside my system.

Tried using MS Process Explorer to identify the offending application but to no avail.

Linux users have the application called PowerTOP - This website is for sale! - lesswatts Resources and Information. that accomplish the necessary analysis - but there is a void for this utility in the Windows world.

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That’s a good idea. :-TU :-TU