monitor DLL injection

Hi all,

I’m new at firewalls and installed Comodo He’s in learning fase but i can’t connect to the internet with firefox, opera and any other program who needs access to the internet. I allowed them but it won’t work.
When i uncheck “monitor DLL injection” in the “Application Behavior Analysis” i can connect to the internet.
Is there a reason why i can’t connect and is it save to uncheck this option?

I’m experiencing the same thing. Everything appears to work for a while, and then the firewall starts blocking internet apps at some random point. When this happens, I can allow them access by disabling “Monitor DLL Injections”.

I have Comodo’s malware scanner running, and have checked the entire system with AVG antivirus and a-squared. It appears to be clean.

I’m using ObjectDock to launch applications, and wonder whether this could be related. I just started running without ObjectDock, and will report the results.

Is there any way of discovering the source of a DLL injection? If it’s benign, is there a way of allowing it without turning off the protection?

Greetings ElectricPhase,

Do you get a alert so you can allow/deny the DLL injection?
The reason for why Comodo blocks Internet is because this DLL file could be using Internet to access some malicious site, so therefore Comodo blocks your browser completely until it’s restarted.
If you get a alert, please take a screenshot of what file that triggers the DLL injection alert.


Thanks for the reply.

There was no corresponding alert when the DLL injection monitoring kicked in. It happened silently at some point, and the next time I tried to use Firefox, Outlook, or VNC, all of them were blocked (no alert came up for any of them). I should have tried a few more internet apps before rebooting, but I didn’t think of it.

It takes a while for this to happen, but it’s happened at least three times since I switched to Comodo on my main PC last week. I had been running Comodo on my laptop for about six months and never saw this behavior. The only main software difference between the two computers is ObjectDock–that’s where my suspicion came from.