mojibake in "Tip of the Day" in CFP v.3 [fixed in CFP]

There’s mojibake (garbled text) in the “Tip of the Day” pane. Apparently some of the characters there are getting rendered as Japanese when they shouldn’t be. See the attached screen grab.

I’m using XP Japanese SP2 and CFP v. Most of the Tips of the Day have mojibake like this, I think involving what is supposed to be quote marks.

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“Did you know that you can…” ;D:

edit those “Did you know that you can” entries? It might work for you.

C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\cfpinfo.ini → This file can be edited (just make sure to backup before you edit the file and exit CFP before saving it).

Well I’ll be 的フィ尾ed. Thanks, Soyabeaner.

It seems I was right about quote marks being the problem. In the image above, what got garbled was the quote marks in what should have said:

Did you know that you can block spyware applications by using “My Quarantined Files” window?

Since it’s easy enough to fix, I think I’ll leave it up to the devs to fix it. Surely they don’t want people using non-Western versions of Windows to see unreadable garbage in the UI.

This seems to have been fixed in CFP (see screen grab below). Thank you, Comodo developers!

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