Mods should recognize and acknowledge Moles when they see them!

I have MANY more better things to do than to be on this forum. I am on this forum because I BELIEVE in, and SUPPORT Comodo's MISSION.


Why should Comodo provide bandwidth for anyone who wants to promote their own product?

If you are not 100% for Comodo, WHY ARE YOU HERE?

(:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY)

What all this is about ???

Note that informed discussion about Comodo and competitor offerings or any related hardware, software or services is welcome and encouraged in these forums - whereas fraudulent, misleading or malicious postings related to the above are not.

We don’t, as we delete spam and ban those users.


like who? you mean like when ppl make a new thread about other security software release?
well, i know about avast 4.8 from rednose’s post,i guess it’s gonna be a lil bit uncomfortable if we have to search every forum to gain info for each software. :-[

funny :slight_smile:

Hey ho :o Avast! is not my own product, and I don’t promote it here :o :o Ganda you dirty little bastard >:( :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Anyhow, spam isn’t allowed. Giving products updates etc, is. But I do think it should be limited somehow or in a different board or even in 1 topic.

However, I can’t follow with the ‘moles’ part. They’re allowed here, and if they don’t follow the rules they will be dealt with. This is an open community, with free speech.


We don’t play wackamole until we come across spam O0

say what you want mole >:( ;D

I believe it is a good idea to post threads of say antiviruses and when they update to a newer version example: Avast! 4.8 alot of people here who use CFP and Avast! will like to know when Avast has a newer version and it also keeps the members on Comodo forum to still help out instead of go over to avast forum or AVG (if they have one?) anywho… I don’t see an issue with say Vettetech posting about a newer Kaspersky version or REDNOSE and his new Avast! version ;D

We are not like other Security Vendors Forums as to “Where you mention another AV or whatever apart from ours your banned” We respect all opinions, etc and off course updates are fine! As long as it’s not spam.


The fact that this is an open forum, that respect peoples opinions ( even if they are negative about Comodo ) makes it for me such a great forum :slight_smile: That, and also a few members :

Melih - Thnx for your honest pm’s and answers :slight_smile:
Ewen - The best Mod here :slight_smile:
Sded - Thnx for your trust and honesty :slight_smile:
Tyler - Thnx for the great personal service :slight_smile:
Kevin - Thnx for everything :wink:

And ofcource :

Ganda - Thnx for all the spam ;D

Greetz, Red.

I think maybe we should draw a line and better explain what is spam and what isn’t, this way we won’t have this confusion later.