MODS/Members We miss Badly!!

Ganda : We miss him because his mere presence makes this forum much more fun.

Soyabeaner : I really cant get any info about him/her. She makes quite an entrance and leaves “silently”.

brucine : He was an integral part of the forums
until a while ago.

Quill : A great mod whose lose cannot be compensated.

eXPerience : One of the best mods ever. Probably Wont come back,

Lets name them guys. May be they are watching us without logging in.

The whole purpose of this thread : As the title suggests , we miss them badly.

I miss eXperience also. :cry:

Sorry you will not be seeing much of Ganda he has found better things to do :frowning:

Yes I miss him too, his posts would always brighten the forum.


Vetech :stuck_out_tongue:
Was always interesting,

Was always interesting as well

Was always informative

is a great person :slight_smile:

Little Mac
Always informative :slight_smile:

Could go on :slight_smile:


Ah, I miss Soya, Gonda and LM too, Leoni as well :slight_smile:

I knew this thread was imminent after the other thread started going in this direction. Anyway, it’s a good topic I think. The above mentioned people are all good examples of how just a few people leaving can drastically affect a forum. Soya leaving really bothered me, I never really understood it but I guess it was none of my business. A forum really thrives when you start feeling like you know certain members, you start understanding their personality. Personally I think we have the best mods on the internet. I also think the “Off-Topic” section of this forum used to be MUCH stronger, more vibrant, busy & interesting. I posted on the off-topic thread about bringing that aspect of the Comodo forums back & to my delight, it seems to already be happening. Let’s keep it up & get to know one another a bit better. If you think about it, that’s really why we miss these people anyway. ;D

Thus that mean he “left” the forum? He always used leave the forum for a while and would pop in unexpectedly.
May be he joined the investigation team which is investigating the ■■■■■■ of the professor :P. For reference, see his last posts.

Didn’t really know much of the Mods here, but eXPerience was by far the coolest name. 8)

To Watasha. First up well done with this post above, I don’t think anyone could have wrote it better.
I agree with you entirely, getting to know one another better can only have positive outcomes.
I have noticed a multitude of differences in personalities on this Forum, and that in itself makes for interesting reading. We all have the power to make one step towards making the World a better place, and even though it may only be a small difference it is worth it. It is sad to see anyone leave no matter what the reason and their own personalities will never get replaced or replicated, but over time getting to know new personalities will be interesting and exciting.
To the people who have left. I wish you all the best with lifes adventures.
Kind regards everyone.
Edit- Added missed word

Greetings all,

Please do not forget to add Quill/Toggie into this “sad list”

That was another huge loss

Cheers! … (whoever can be cheerful reading this particular thread)

Quill, Oh how could i forget. How could i forget “Quill has left the building” thread.

P.S: Guys, didnt i list experience in my very first post? Its missing now…

I definitely miss ganda. I had kind of tried to model myself after him. 88) For some reason, he had gotten modship, and all I got was bans and warnings ;D.

I too liked eXPerience…he was my secret informer >:-D (actually, he didn’t tell me much).

Here are some special emoticons to add to the atmosphere here:

Quill/Toggie is truly legendary. He had a vast knowledge base, I always made sure to closely read what he wrote, in conjunction with patience when working out problems with users.

Talking to self. How can one forget an inspiring person like Quill? Live is truly banal… :-X :wink:

If people were as quick to quit real world relationships as they are forums…well you get the picture. There were some rather public “exits” for some very public “reasons” at various times in this forum since I’ve been a member. I’m sure valuable members came & went before then as well. Some have been obvious, some befuddling. I believe that personalities & humor are just as valuable as knowledge & technical know-how on this forum. We’ve lost both here in the past but it seems we’ve felt the loss of the former even more than the latter. Knowledge can be gained, it’s hard to replace personality. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems like I can agree with some parts of your post , but…

What picture? What do you mean by "as quick to quit?
How quick was that according to your opinion?
How painful was that for those long term great knowledgeable helpers?

What is the gain?
Is it - creating fan-boys club without educating less experienced users & encouraging “clapping clowns”?

… that’s all at this point. I have no time currently


I hope you never leave…I could never recreate your funny punctuation and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for me, I doubt I would leave. But if that ever happened and I was upset at something, I too would probably want to go out with a ■■■■. 88)

You read into that line of my post so deeply that I’m not sure I understand what you or I meant anymore. ???

Okay, by “quick” I meant that I’ve seen many people get their panties in a wad & leave in a huff at the drop of a hat in forums before. If we did that in the real world all of our relationships would probably be ■■■■■■■, it’s known as “antisocial behavior”. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Get the picture” is just a figure of speech.

Not sure I know what you’re asking about “How painful was that for those long term great knowledgeable helpers?” ???

I think you’re misunderstanding me. I didn’t mean the knowledgeable members are of less value, it’s quite the opposite, they’re invaluable. What I meant is people come here for technical knowledge & help with Comodo software & they often discover this other “sub-forum” that has nothing to do with that stuff. That is what often keeps them here. In my case I post in both areas & I help when I can, although I’m very aware that there are MANY members here who’s computer knowledge vastly surpasses mine. I was simply saying we shouldn’t underestimate the value of non-technical related talk here as the “other” stuff is vital to a forum’s health. This is not just true with the Comodo forum, it’s true for every forum. Go to most of the other security forum’s & you’ll find the ones that thrive are the one’s that serve as both support & a pseudo social meeting place. The ones that don’t have this aspect are like the ghost town of the internet. :wink:

I miss Josh.

Please keep in mind that I do always read deeply…
you are welcome and invited to do the same ;D

Haha! :smiley: Good one! Have you learnt few new real tricky karate moves&kicks since disappearing another time from this disturbed forum?

… coz some stuff & mods here deserve some “balls squeezing” big time!!!

Take care, Josh (? … hmm… “O’rite” :P)

Are you kissing yourself in a two way mirror ;D while you’re missing yourself to much ;D