Modifying Windows Firewall exceptions list with Comodo

I would like for the next update to Comodo Internet Security, to have a feature added that allows you to modify the Windows Firewall and/or exceptions list. After installing Comodo, I find that Windows Firewall doesn’t allow me to edit or delete many of the exceptions that it’s set up for various programs.

I would like Comodo to be in control of the Windows Firewall exceptions list.

I would like Comodo to disable windows firewall when it’s being installed, and for Comodo to ask if you would like Windows Firewall to be enabled after uninstalling.

You should not use two or more software firewalls at the same time. It is advisable to disable Windows Firewall and only use CIS’ firewall.
Note, CIS handles things in a different manner than Windows firewall, offering you the user much greater control over your Internet connections and the software that accesses these connections.

Comodo Internet Security doesn’t disable windows firewall when Comodo is be installed. It’s Bug in itself not disable that dumb bell firewall. Call Windows firewall. My opinion Windows Firewall Version 1.0.Alpha

No Comodo does not disable WF on my system. In Comodo’s books that Malware behaviour. (CIMA)

After installing Comodo Internet security and disable window firewall. Windows Firewall decides to turn back on?? HELLO? ■■■■■■■ Windows Firewall 1.0v Alpha and not a BETA Please i don’t want my dinner to go cold.

Opps, that is a bug. So why is this under Firewall wish list?

I would Comodo to control over windows firewall 1.0v alpha before my dinner get cold. Or even better disable it permanent until needed again! windows firewall 1.0v alpha

Wish-list: permanent disable windows firewall 1.0v alpha until needed again!

Oh ok

  • 1 for that wish.