Modifiche necessarie X Comodo FW

premesso che il FW è lodato sui principali magazine come il migliore free, ed è competitivo con quelli a pagamento, Ha alcune falle ed imperfezioni, che sarebbe bene coreggere.
Posto quanto affermato da sito ,noto per le sue critiche fondate e di alto livello tecnico, tutte volte al solo scopo di migliorare il prodotto.

dangerous activity, sometimes display wrong or insufficient information. This problem can result in a decision that users would never do if they receive correct informations. For example, if a malicious application replaces the executable of your Internet browser (i.e. iexplore.exe) with its own program, and you try to run your browser, then the only information you get from Comodo is that ‘iexplore.exe is trying to connect to the Internet’. However, if it is not your default browser but some other trusted application that is changed, Comodo correctly reports that its cryptographic signature has changed. Fortunately, in most of the situations Comodo behaves correctly and displays valid informations that are sometimes supported with Security Considerations.
The implementation of the security design is very superficial. Today’s malware creators would not have problems to bypass the protection of Comodo. The development of this firewall probably missed independent betatesting of its security features because the number and the nature of bugs we have found in it is alarming.
Open public bugs
The following list contains open bugs that are public. This means that a full name, description, testing method and testing program is available for every bug in the list. The list is sorted by the bug penalty, the higher penalty means the more dangerous the bug is. Check the methodology reference for details about used terms.

Bypassing settings protection using magic pipe
Type: Design bugs

Character: Complete system control

Status: Unpatched bugs

Risk: Critical bugs

Exploitability: Locally exploitable bugs

Discoverability: Hardly discoverable bugs

Unique Penalty: 60

Total penalty: 720

Release date: March 01, 2007

Advisory: 2007-03-01.01

DLL injection via weak hash function exploitation Vulnerability
Type: Design bugs

Character: Privilege escalation

Status: Unpatched bugs

Risk: Serious bugs

Exploitability: Locally exploitable bugs

Discoverability: Medium discoverable bugs

Unique Penalty: 200

Total penalty: 570

Release date: February 15, 2007

Advisory: 2007-02-15.01

E’ bene specificare che la versione testate dal team di matousec è la seguente:
Comodo Personal Firewall, ci auguriamo che le falle elencate vengano chiuse nella versioni successive.


Another imperfection is that firewall logs are not saved when your computer is rebooted. Comodo saves firewall logs from time to time under unknown circumstances, usually when the user works with logs. Logs that were not saved before the restart will disappear. The whole interface for log viewing is not developed very well.

The simplicity of the whole product is also visible on its security design. Unfortunately, this simplicity also means that some important security features were not implemented at all. Apart from various security design features, we have also missed the possibility to protect the configuration settings of Comodo Firewall using password, which is very common in competitive products. This can be a problem on computers that are used by more users at once.

??? Non ho capito molto ma se ti riferisci ai bug che sono elencati al sito devi sapere che i proprietari del sito informanno, i venditori dei programmi, dei bug che hanno trovato 2 settimane prima che questi vengono rillasciati publiccamente.

p.s.Per il momento i programmatori sono impegnati con il svilupo della versione 3.