Moderators - more prudence, please!

Coming to Comodo forum after few days, I clicked - as usual - on unread posts since last visit.
Got some two pages of new posts,


perhaps every second entry is a MOVED entry to somewhere else.
When you eg open CFP beta corner, you get a long list of moved entries.

Contrary to the culprit’s opinion, the whole forum thus became completely chaotic and painful to follow.

Moderators, please think a bit before you commit such a s…t of “re-organization”.
For me, the forum is now unusable.


The posts were moved to make information on CFP V3 easier to find. The [MOVED] posts are a necessary evil. There were numerous (and I mean numerous) posts that contained links to other posts in the same board. If the [MOVED] posts weren’t left behind, the links would point to nowhere and the person seeking the answer is left in limbo. At least with the [MOVED] posts in place, you follow the links.

Yes, it makes the board a bit messy, but I don’t know of any other way to segregate the total number of posts (which contain references to V2.4 and V3) into more clearly defined categories.

Ewen :slight_smile: