Moderators contradicting each other about submission address[Solved]


Please allow me the following.

It looks to me that (once again) there might be some confusion about the submission address.
Of course it could be that it is just me who is not understanding things right…

It is about the email-address to which you can submit a possible nasty or a possible false-positive.

I started the following thread (which is now in the Important Topics) in the BOClean forum in April:

Based on a posting by Kevin I posted in that thread that the submission addy is:
malwaresubmit[ at ]

May I ask the following mods to have a look at their postings:

posting on 12 Sept 2008

Baskar says it should be:
malwaresubmit at

posting on 18 Sept 2008

eXPerience says it should be:
malwaresubmit[ at ]

May I please ask for some consistency about this issue?
Thank you.

Best regards,

Both emails are correct, but you should use the one posted by Baskar as the other one is no longer used.


Comodo Staff posts

are more updated than moderators posts even if many Comodo emplyees belongs to the same Moderator usergroup.

Since Baskar is a Comodo AV Analyst it would be safe to assume that the email currently used is malwaresubmit at

If you spot a notice that still reference the old email address please send a PM to the moderator who posted that.

This will allow a more a propmt action than opening a topic and waiting for a reply.

:-[ I’m sorry guys, but I always send my malware to the mail Kevin directed to, so I added that one. However, as Gibran said already : Comodo staff posts are more updated so I corrected it also in my post.

Greetings and sorry for the troubles/misunderstandings,