Moderator assistance & determination requested

To the Moderator(s) – Ummm have too much time on my hands while waiting for more interesting Olympic stuff to begin…. I am putting this inquiry as a separate post so as not be get missed w/i the other threads and to make it easily identifiable. Not trying to over tax the moderators or the system - just trying to help those having this problem be able to easily find the post/threads that address it in an easily identified subject name.

Scanning though the forum I found this thread windows\system32\config merged with How to handle IBM embedded security chip with CFP V3 [Merged Threads] was first on this forum Help for V3; then merged and moved to Bug Reports; again was merged with other threads back here to Help for V3. Does it belong on Bug Reports or on Help for V3?

Additionally, when the last merge was completed the name changed to “windows\system32\config”. The current name thread does not properly identify the Thinkpad embedded security chip issue.

When folks search for this problem it will not be a “targeted” subject for the identified issues; could the moderator please rename it to “Conflict w/ embedded Lenovo Security Chip for Thinkpads” or something equally easily identifiable within Comodo’s search engine?

Now under Bug Reports I see the post
CFP conflict with ThinkVantage Client Secutiry Solution that appears to be similar to the posted thread identified above.

If the post initiated first by Joseph_N “windows\system32\config” is merged with the post identified above, please rename the first post line to be something that is easily identifiable when conducting a search or when browsing through the forum. Should you choose to use the name link above please correct the misspelled word “Security” to help when using Comodo’s search engine. Suggestion: remove reference to CFP if it is determined to use this as the post subject; removal of the version will help in conducting a search; also because the overall problem is not limited to that version. Just a suggestion.

Also, am requesting a determination whether it is a BUG Report or should it be under Help for V3? Hopefully, someone within Comodo will make the determination and place the posts in the proper section.

Looking forward to the developer’s response to these problems and resolve the issues so we can all get back to using our Thinkpads w/ CFP installed.

God Bless
(:AGL) (:a*) (-www-)

How to handle IBM embedded security chip with CFP V3 [Merged Threads]