Moderater Policemen

:P0l It’s neat how you guys handle the Forum. You guys sure are very strict. I congratulate you for your efforts on keeping the forum safe & handy. (:CLP)

I’m not completely sure what your actual intent was with this topic… but I’m a Brit and as such I personally view this topic as being totally sarcastic. So, you’ll need to forgive me as I “police” this topic (taking into account some other recent topics) and gently respond with…

         [url=]How to appeal against Moderators decisions[/url]

… and then since this is the General section, immediately follow that with a funny picture…


I like the funny :smiley: picture ;D, although I was actually congratulating all you moderators for the way you keep the forums safe and handy.

As for the :smiley: policemen ;D part, I was kidding there, it’s that the way you guys handle the forums is like being a policemen & Moderator all at once.

I still congratulate all you moderators for a job well done & Melih Abdulhayoglu for COMODO Security Solutions.
If I had to rate the COMODO Company, I’d rate it “#1 Threat Detection”. (:CLP) :110:

I’m glad you liked the funny pic. ;D

May be you can use it in your avatar as a worthy follow up for the hippo? ;D

Are you sure?
… it just doesn’t feel right for me. :slight_smile:

I was just goofing… :slight_smile:

That’s funny… so was I. ;D


I don’t think this little dog wanna kiss the big dog because of his/her bad breath any way ;D

Moderators, keep in topic please! :P0l !ot!

(hahaha, felt good to type that) ;D

They are (sort of) on topic.
The board is General Discussion Anything and Everything.
So I ask you w-e-v to refrain from board moderation please.

I know. Also what I said its in full topic as well. :wink:

Besides it was a joke. Seems that you need to relax a little bit, bro.
Remove the finger from the trigger… O0

Dude. !ot!

Thats the right attitude Kail :-TU :P0l

Hey Moderators, I like your pictures w/ the word Moderator on them. Are you the only people allowed to use those pictures?


Posing as a moderator when you are not one is an offense which will net you a ban. :P0l

Please read Forum Policy part 8 paragraph 1 for further understanding.