Modem issue

Would comodo firewall possibly cause my ADSL modem to drop into idle & then try to reconnect itself,the reason for asking is that my isp thinks this might be an issue,could you please help as i don’t think this could happen.

Hi and welcome to the forum! I am not sure CPF would do this, however “coincidence or not” I have ADSL as well, last night for quite some time, my connection would drop into idle and do the same, reconnect itself. I had to keep unplugging my net cable or releasing\renewing my ip, thinking something was going on on my pc. I have been using CPF for quite some time now, WITH this same connection and it never caused it before so perhaps the ISPs are having trouble. I don’t know who you have but I have SBC and this was happening all last night and twice today, never happened before. It was ticking me off and I know it’s the connection because my son’s pc was experiencing the same. What you can do is what I did, just shut down CPF all together and enable XP firewall for a bit and see if still happens. In my case, it did so I knew it wasn’t CPF but I can’t say for sure something isn’t getting blocked by CPF in your case currently. Try that first so we know for sure if it is, or isn’t. Also, if you could say what provider you have, it may help. I have been using FF 2 for the last couple of days and have had issues as well. Have you changed browsers, etc…


I have a friend that have the same issues with dropping the connection.
He have ADSL modem and a router.
The only way to reconnect sometimes, is to unplug the power cord from the modem and router.
Turn off PC.
Plug in the power in the modem, and wait a while.
Plug in the router and wait a while.
Start the computer, and he has internet again…
Annoying… and a lot of work… >:(
I haven’t been there myself to check it out, but he says that it happens “to” often…
I’m not sure if it’s the router, modem or Comodo firewall…

Hi Aowl, yes this is one way but if you go to start, run, type in CMD, ok, then in window type ipconfig /release, wait for release to happen then type ipconfig /renew , it should resolve. It works for me and has worked for others who were unplugging, plugging in. I did try unplugging and plugging my net cable but didn’t work, although usually I only do this cause it’s loose in the nic.

Note the space between ipconfig and /

NTECHR: Just a note and thanks to Aowl , he woke my brain up :slight_smile: If this keeps happening after troubleshooting, if not ISP or CPF , modem or cable. This can point to a bad nic card as well.


Cheers for the help guys,but this issue is still on going,my isp is tiscali,i know that it is not my nic as my modem plugs into a usb2 port,i am also using an rj11 high speed cable from the adsl filter straight to my modem,have had repeated chats with tiscali and they say it is not a fault at their end yet it continues to happen.ANYONE with any better ideas?Thanks nigel

Does your log show any blocks at the time of dropping the connection?

Define your secure zone or consider giving a static IP at your pc from windows and not from the DCHP server of the router. These will solve the problem. :wink: