Mobile phone software

What about making mobile phone software when the firewall V3 is stable and released + Antiviruspyware V3

Yes, an antivirus for mobile is a verry good idea 8)

I agree, especially since hackers are starting to target the new smartphones and such :slight_smile:

100% agree, mobile phone security is an issue for me! (:CLP)

can u help us expand a bit more on your requriement pls as to what you want to see protected.

1000% agree on the development of mobile phone security.

I think phone software that blocks these stupid spam text messages i get from people i dont even know . Not sure if it’s just me but i seem to get alot of Text’s from numbers that i do not know. And i know it cant just be people sending messages to the wrong person on accident. So it must be the work of mobile spam!!!

yeah make AV for mobile phone. i’ve heard that there’s a symbian virus that can damage the phone pretty bad and become unusable.

I have the N95, it has built in wifi, and internet access via my 3G network, it also uses MSN messenger mobile too, I feel a little vulnerable using it without a good firewall & AV protection.

Protection against mass e-mail, virus of course and unknow premium makers would be good :wink:

I would like that CFP and CAVS or both in CIS will be available for cellphones security too like F-secure. Just an idea.
What do you think?

+1 I think this is an interesting thing


Yeah, I think it will spread the word among all the world. F-secure gives you 30 days free to try his protection, afterwards it gives you 1 year licensee for 35$ if I remember right. I don’t know if Melih will choose if it will be in payment or free (if at all) but in my opinion, both are good ways to spread the word.

It is a good idea… But it will take time to maintain & complete the code for “Mobile Security”, especially with CFP 3 & CAV 3.


Of course, even CAVS 3 for computer security isn’t ready yet and CFP should have updates and fix bugs for the “computer security” before it change to “mobile security”. It’s different project. So, this idea is for future… the distant future…

Well… I will be glad if you, Melih, say something about this idea? ;D

Actually, I have requested this earlier already here.


Sorry Xan, I didn’t see it… :-\

That’s because it’s really old :), I don’t care, it’s a problem for the mods now ;D


:smiley: :D. Do you know if is there any news about this?