MMLoadDrv.exe still not whitelisted after all this time

Why is a component from AMD Catalyst drivers called MMLoadDrv.exe still not whitelisted after all this time? This thing ALWAYS pops up as unknown even though all the rest of the drivers is perfectly whitelisted.

Did you yet report it in this topic? If not then I suggest you report it there so it can be investigated for whitelisting.

Files reported there are given top priority.

After digging a bit, it’s indeed a strange one. This file is whitelisted in Catalyst 12.4 driver, but not in Catalyst 12.7. What’s strange about it is that ONLY this file doesn’t seem to be whitelisted between both driver versions. All the others don’t spawn any CIS warning popups or sandbox popups. How come?

I’m assuming the name of the file is the same, but the hash is different. Thus, essentially, it’s a different file.

That would be my best guess.

Somehow I doubt this is the only file with different hash between v12.4 and v12.7…

I didn’t say that. What i said is that this file is the only one spawning Sandbox popup. So, it looks like all the other files are already whitelisted, just not this one. And thats weird to me.

It is odd if “Automatically trust the files from the trusted installers” is enabled. Good observation.

I had witnesses it various times with the Catalyst Drivers but never clicked to it. I always told CIS to not sandbox it the next time. :wink: