Mmemory could not be read


When I shut down my xp appears this pop up message:

xxxxx.exe Application Error
The instruction at “xxxxxxxx” referenced memory at “xxxxxxx”. The memory could not be “read”. Click OK to terminate the program.

So the message is very quick then the system shut down
I think the problem is CF.

Anybody have this problem?

i do, few times actually.i don’t know what it is. i just ignored it (:TNG)

I’ve never experienced it with CF, Try disabling Firewall\Defense+ that should tell you if it’s comodo or not… Hope this helps

i believe it’s random. the problem can’t be reproduced easily.
i think that’s because we close windows when some apps are still working. ???

Yes that is exactly what that is ganda in order to avoid a issue like this you could shut down all your program in the right hand task tray except for CF and then reboot or shut down. it’s more then likely a app trying to shut off and it can’t gain exclusive access to it’s memory. it’s not really a bad thing but more of a minor bug then anything and most likely not CF related as IE6 use to do this to me all the time before IE7.