Misterious interactions AV/Firewall - smartcard/certificates/authentication/redi


At the moment I have W10 (not mine) without additional AV/FW, but I plan to purchase a new laptop at the end of the year (obviously w11 and surely Comodo CIS!).
I am using USB smart card reader for identity card (digital identity to enter into public administration sites or even for digital signature): it works fine now, even if it is not a very easy thing due to Certificates a their import into Firefox (I will add to it NoScript and ADBlecker).
But I read a lot of problems concerning these CIE/SPID/CNS/Signature-contact/contactless cards and their very complex relationship with AV sw (I read about Kaspersky and another, I dont remember the name), i.e. the AV is disturbing the dialogue between card > main site > redirect to government certificates > redirect to the desired site after authentication.
I ask if your CIS is involved too in this big problem or at least if by simply disabling it (av + fw) for 30 seconds it let me to do successfully the problematic authentication process: surely I dont want to unistall AV/FW for this task!!! Or there may arise issues even disabling it due to background processes?
thanks a lot for sharing your experience about the relationship: AV/Firewall and cards/certificates to be in real time verified by the main government database/PIN asked by browser/PIN asked by Windows security. There are A LOT things involved, and an additional (welcomed!) Internet Security Suite may be a big concern. Thanks! Best,
PS: in CIS I think that I will use only AV and Fw, not hips, nor web filter, virus scopeā€¦ (I have CIS on my still working Vista32 from 2007 ehmehm!).