Missing Profiles/Settings


I am a long time user of Comodo Internet Security. It has been working flawlessly ever since i have been using it for 2 years.

Recently however, I uninstalled my old version of 3.5.54375.427_vista_XP_x32 and installed the new version of 3.13.121240.574_vista_XP_x32. It installed and behaved properly except that I cant see any profiles when:

  • i try to run a scan by antivirus
  • or open up the Network Security Policy
  • or open up the Computer Security Policy
  • open up the Manage My Configurations

it will behave as if the profiles are there but they simply not visible. Except that I can’t run a scan using the invisible profiles nor make a new profile.

Any solutions?

p/s: Hope I post in the right section

What do you mean with can’t see any profiles? You mean when you enter NSP and look up your profiles under Miscellaneous → Manage my configurations they are not shown? Can you show screenshot(s)? A picture tells more than a thousand words.

Did you import your old 3.5 profile in 3.13? That will not work due to changes under the hood. You will have to start from scratch. In case you considering a clean install you can use this clean up tool after the mandatory reboot when uninstalling.

Images as requested:

I have tried uninstall/reinstall for at least 3 times and using the provided cleaner tool before i posted my problems. I also deleted all Comodo related registry and files manually on the 3rd and 4th tries.

I did not install any new software prior to uninstalling and reinstalling CIS.

Also, i tried to the antivirus scan with schedule option. It is working as normal (with nothing shown in the saved scan profiles screen) since i noticed the hard disk light is blinking and the results will be shown as a few threats were detected in the SUMMARY tab, BUT there are no pop-ups to inform me the scanning is in process neither do any results at the end of scanning. It is as if something is suppressing them.

Thanks for the images.

Are you using a tool like Windows Blinds or TweakUI to change the look of your Windows installation? If so, what happens when you changed back to the default Windows look?

Yes, I am using Windowsblinds at the moment. I will try your suggestion at the earliest opportunity.

Update u later.

Problem solved.

Yes, after I uninstall Windowblinds, the view is back to normal. Thank you very much. I started using Windwblinds after I installed CIS a long time ago with no problems and rarely changed the settings that I forgot that sometimes Windowblinds can ■■■■■ up some applications’ GUI view.

Thanks again for the prompt and very helpful insight.