Missing Predefined Security Policies [RESOLVED]

Somewhere along the way I lost my Defense+ Predefined Security Policies - the box is completely empty.

I can’t imagine myself deleting these things, so I’m quite puzzled as to how they disappeared.

Can anyone suggest a way of recovering the standard four entries? If I must reconstruct them manually, how do I determine the contents of each?

EDIT: I just noticed that My Protected Registry Keys is also empty, and selecting GROUPS does not come up with any predefined groups, contrary to the relevant Help documentation.

Do I have a corrupt install, or what? Everything appears to be working fine, but why am I missing these things ???

Thanks for any advice.


You’ll have to re-enter the policies manually though it’s probably easier to do a fresh install (remember to delete the leftover directories on your machine before re-installing (search your computer for directories named “Comodo”))

Thanks for the reply.

I’m on Are you able to tell me if the Export/Import functions of Manage my Configurations retain all settings? I tried to use them in the past, but with unexpected results, though I didn’t pursue the reason for the “disappointing” results.

As far as I know, it only exports your personal settings not the default ones. You can always put Defense+ in Training Mode when you reinstall it so that it automatically learns your usual program habits and then you can move it to Safe Mode after a couple of days or in Clean PC mode if you prefer using Pending Files.


Just for anybody’s information, I reinstalled from a fresh download of the latest version. Previously, I’d used updates from earlier versions. All missing entries are present.

Thanks for your input.

Great news that a fresh install resolved your problem. I’ll close this topic now. PM an online moderator with a link to this topic if you should need it opened again.