missing icons from the windows systray

winXP sp3 and CIS 5.0.163652.1142, with firewall and antivirus installed

everytime I start up my computer from a cold boot, I have several icons missing from the systray. I have to warm boot 2, 3, even 4 times before all the icons show up. Two of the missing icons are always CIS and CTM. This problem also happens when I do warm boots aswell.

Does anyone know of any work around or something to fix this?


Have a look here:

thanks for the reply.

I guess I should have mention that the disappearing icons started when I installed CIS. And yes, I’m aware of the little hide icon to the left of the systray, and I’ve tried all the suggestions on the link you provided, except for one. I’m looking into FREE startup managers. I’ll see if that helps.

I downloaded the program Startup Delayer: Available Products for download | r2 Studios and it seems to be working good. I can now see my icons, even the hidden ones. Thanks for the tip. I still don’t think its a windows problem but a CIS one, as I didn’t have the problem until I installed it.

thanx for a link

:-TU I tried some number of them but this i liked most. It helped me to solve similar problem on computer without CIS or CTM installed.