missing icon in Windows notification area

I have had a rather peculiar symptom show up on my computer.

I have been running CIS without problem for several months and like it a lot. But recently the icon in the notification area quit loading, although I can see CMDagent.exe is running when I look for it in Windows Task Manager. If I “start” CIS from the Windows Start menu, the window appears and everything seems to be working normally.

I am running Windows XP Pro, SP3 on an AMD Sempron system with an Epox mobo and 2 gig of DDR ram. A couple of other icons are appearing properly in the notification area, and fooling around with the properties and the hide\unhide icon check boxes doesn’t seem to do anything.

Is this a virus or something screwy going on in Windows? Should I try to reload CIS? Anyone else had a problem like this?

mr coffee