Missing Icon in taskbar?

In installed BoClean on two PC - went fine on the first one but the second one is causing problems.
Disabled Antivir and installed BOCLean, then rebooted - seems that the program is working in the background as I can see Boc432 and Bocore.exe but I don’t have any Systemtray icon.
Can’t access the config etc.

What next?
Tried to uninstall and reinstall but this does not work as I need to shut down BOClean first - how, as I can’t access it. Tried to install over the existing version, only got an error message.
Any suggestions? ???

You should be able to shut BOC432 and Bocore down using task manager prior to uninstalling.


Thanks Anderow, that worked though not exactly as I had expected :-, though I am surprised that BOClean can be shut with the Task Manager. Should the program not protect itself?

I closed it, then went to uninstall but got the following error message: “An error occurred while trying to remove BOClean. It may have already been uninstalled” . I then proceeded to start BOClean again (just to prove that it has not been uninstalled), and this time the Icon appeared. Checking with the task manager, only Boc432 is running. As I don’t quite know what BOCore and BOC432 are doing and my other PC shows both running, I rebooted. Now the icon loaded and both files are showing up in task manager.

Does that seem to be allright now ? :o

Sounds ok now and yes it is a bit worrying that Boclean can be shut down with task manager.


the same situation here by me as mozart’s.
the icon was just disappeared without any warning message.
after reinstall this “bug” comes again…

how to fix it?

A couple if things here:

First the tray icon disappearance could be a Windows glitch. If you have no tray icon in view(and don’t have them hidden on purpose) but you can still see the 2 BOC services running, then it is most likely caused by the Windows glitch. This not a BOC issue:
http://www.tech-pro.net/howto_013.html Several workarounds here.

Second the issue of an app being allowed to be shut down via Task Manager has been discussed adnauseum in other forums. If I could find the links I would post the discussions but suffice to say it’s not as bad as one thinks. I think Kevin has posted about this issue himself with some compelling reasons why it’s not such a big deal.

See if this thread rings a bell…