Missing file error on installing CIS

Well the re installing thing didn’t go well, even after manually removing the comodo folder it wouldn’t install, this time it gave me some error 2 couldn’t find some sort of file,and when I clicked OK to close the error box it said “congratulations comodo is installed” lol, but of course it wasn’t, man, so ended up doing a full image recovery, well looks like when I did my full image backup it also backed up what ever is causing this update problem cause it didn’t change a thing. So now I’m at a loss, but will go ahead and download the latest installer and try again. if it doesn’t correct this time I may well end up just going with the usual Windows defender thing. Well see.

BTW seems only the AV d/l isn’t working, the program updates is OK.

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Man I’m about done with this thing, now I can’t install or uninstall, I tried to run the windows uninstaller, but all it did was remove the icon in the uninstall list, the whole folder was still there, I tried to do the manual removal, and install, but that didn’t work either. I said I had to recover my system from an image, but that didn’t solve the problem, as it was backed up with the updating problem, I didn’t have any idea it wasn’t working as it didn’t give me any indication prior to me doing the backup.

I than ran my restore point, that did put the icon back in the uninstall list, so I tried another thing, I downloaded the bases.cav file and placed it into the scanners folder renaming the old one, well now the thing won;t just not update/fix it just has the X on the tray icon and won’t correct, I tried to rename the old cav.s and removed the one I put there ut that didn’t change anything, so now it won’t download and it shows the definitions as being a month out of date. Man…

I even tried to just rename the scanners folder and see what happens if i click “fix it”, nothing…

So now I’m stuck trying to deal with this dead in the water program, since I can’t seem to get rid of it I will end up having to use windows defender for now, I’ll wait for one more thing, if a new update comes out, since it does work on the programs update download when I click the “update” icon maybe that might “fix” the thing.

I’m not gona do a “clean” reinstall of my system, I have too may programs, and not in any mood to re install all that stuff just due to this mess.

I have no problem with the program for what it is, I have used it for years, its just this glitch with updating the AV that’s the problem, and the fact I just can’t get it removed or reinstalled this time.

Since the restore point didn’t at least get it to show as updated for now, I guess I could recover yet one more time with the image, but in a few days it will still end up as it is now when the bases again are out of date.

Run the Geekbuddy removal tool in Safe Mode to get rid off traces of CIS. That should provide a clean starting point for installing your security solution of choice.

I’m not sure if that might work in any case. I’ve also experienced this kind of issues.
And I have a question here : Why can’t we remove CIS in a normal way using Safe Mode ?
I’m assuming it’s because of Windows Installer. If so - why not port it to something else ?

Thank you.

I already went through the “manual removal” of the whole comodo folder, in safe mode, I even went through the registry to remove what I could find of it there, I think that’s what messed up some other stuff. I never had this much trouble removing this program before, maybe its the installer/uninstaller that needs more attention besides the usual bug fixes. Like I said after I removed ALL this stuff in safe mode, I tried to run a FULL installer, but than got some error 2 that some file(s) were missing, well duh I guess I just removed them, to get this “clean” state.

At this point I’m just too gun shy to mess with it any more, I already restored my system 3 times last night with the Image I made the 24th, and as I figured today Windows gave me the AV is out of date alert as I figured, If I mess with it as before it just ends up giving me a big X across the tray icon, for now its working and still says “secure” just when I try the manual update does it give me the red x’s on the 2 items I posted a pic of.

For now I just used disable in the AV options box, now I have windows defender working and no more windows alert about the AV out of date, but comodo tray icon now shows an X and says “at risk”.

Is the folder named “database” supposed to have something in it? mine is empty, the “scanners” is there and has the bases.cav, one is a small one dated 1/29/14 9879kb the other one is named b0018183 dated 5/24/2014 213,250kb

I don’t have anything else installed with this, only the firewall and AV.

When is a new program update coming? I will hold up messing around with this till than and see if that updates and might fix it, that download is still working, which tells me there is something hosed with the AV part.

Another thing is I went to uninstall and when you run it it gives you 3 options, change, repair, and remove, the “repair” is grayed out, it says this program can’t be repaired???. And of course I told you the Windows uninstaller just removed the Icon in the list but left the full folder in tact, and than no way to uninstall. I tried the change to uncheck the AV, but that didn’t help, as the AV was still there in its folders. And trying to run the installer to just install the AV again wouldn’t work as before either. It would go to like 44% and ask for a reboot to complete, this is a PITA to start, than it does it again, but nothing gets installed.

I did D/L that geekbuddy tool, for now I’ll hold up, I’ve had enough for now.

btw: do I run Windows uninstaller first as usual and than this tool? or this tool only? its a .bat file not an .exe. I used to create .bat files too, years ago, in DOS :slight_smile: lol.

Windows Installer does not run in Safe Mode.

If so - why not port it to something else ?

Thank you.

What do you mean with port it to something else?

Use an ‘alternative’ to MSI that allows uninstallation, reparation in such situations and prompts for password (if the user has one).

OK U know what this is unreal, I just did a uninstall “again”, I than did as was suggested “Eric” and ran that geekbuddy tool in safe mode, So OK ALL is now deleted, including a mess of .tmp files that were all over the place, cause I wasn’t told just how to use this thing, so I went and did all the numbers, well so ok when I re booted yeah The comodo folder WAS empty, but this is the same thing I had already done mannually before, but OK, I figured this “geekbuddy” thing was the “fix”, well guess what, when I ran the installer again, it did the exact thing, gage me an “ERROR 2” can not install due to some missing file, “WTF”

OK so I just made another Image and will end up recovering yet again as nothing has changed even after removing all these files.

So let me know what the hell I do now?, cause at this stage even when I recover my system Image I can not use the AV at all since it Won’t update the database, but I can’t reinstall this comodo at all either.

I have split this out and will move it to installation help so hopefully someone can help you with this puzzling problem

Please could you say what file is reported to be missing when you run the installer. Please append a screenshot of the error message if possible.

I hope that is OK

Best wishes


OK so my last post didn’t pass the smell test, I’ll just say this, all the advice didn’t fix anything.

I figured out what it was , lets just say comodo may have a decent Security suite (free) that works well, but it needs more attention placed on the “Installer Uninstaller” part. That Error 2 that kept popping up was because after running the full installer, the extracted install file was not being found to run, it had nothing to do with “cleaning” files or keys.

I’ll fade back into the shadows now.

Sup Mouse,

If you check on the usual page where I started this you’ll see I posted my last post today, I spent till 3am to get it corrected. You may as well move what I posted there too.

Basically its the csi installer x64 MSI that it can’t seem to find once the exe installer had been run and extracted, usually to the apps/temp folder. Once I got this in my head and found the msi file, I ran it “as is” and what ya know, it “installed”, wow, so much for all that “expert” advice, had I kept following that I’d still be hangin.

I was so unhappy* for the past 3 days I had a thought to not ever install this again, but than I calmed down and knew it wasn’t the program I had a problem with per say it was the way the installer/uninstaller is configured or coded or written. And I wasn’t even gona post what I did to get it to work, but I know there are others who may have this same problem and aren’t the usual “Guru/Expert”. So I relinquished and posted for them.

Now to be fair, the installer may work OK for others, I didn’t have this problem before either, maybe its something new, maybe something did get hosed in my registry, who knows at this point, but this was the last resort for me that managed to get the thing to install.

Sometimes its the weirdest things that hang up progress and all you get is the usual, “re install your OS” stuff, lolol.

Thanks for the information. I have merged the posts.

Best wishes


BTW mouse, there are 3 more post by me when I first asked about it on the version thread Pg7, you may as well move all of them here too to keep the saga in flow :slight_smile:

Un Happy huh, smirks lolol OKyyy 88)

Did you uninstall the older version first then install the new version or did you make an update ?

I tried updating once then had same problems, all went wrong.
Then I always uninstalled the old version to install the new one.

can’t tell what’s the problem with updating.

OK fixed thanks again. Mouse

Hoody please could you post a screenshot of the error message you get, so we can work out what is wrong.

Best wishes


Sorry mouseman, but at this point I sure wouldn’t want to go through the steps again lololol I didn’t make a screen shot of it when I had it.

What I can say is it wasn’t a big deal error box popup, it was pretty simple, just said something like this

ERROR 2, can not find file, or missing file.

It didn’t mention what file, I had to figure that myself after some thought and looking around. I did a google search and did run into some site that had some of this stuff and it mentioned the msi installer file, that’s what got me on the right track.

I think comodo should just go to a simple “msi” installer, and offer the geekbuddy, dragon, and that dog thing as stand alone’s in the Security Suite. “And test it” to make sure IF you ever need to uninstall, it “UNINSTALLS” everything.

Like I said when I first ran the windows uninstaller it didn’t remove anything in the programs folder, but windows removed the icon on the installed programs list as if it was gone. Which made it impossible to uninstall from that point, and you HAD to do a manual, or use that geekbuddy tool.

This is way too complicated for most users, and end up reinstalling the whole OS just to get their systems to work again, loosing all their programs if they just wanted to uninstall comodo.

I am sorry you have had this problem.

The installer works well on the vast majority of systems, though there are occasional issues that require old versions to be uninstalled using the forced uninstaller.

Unfortunately if you don’t have the error I can see little hope of working out why it does not work on yours.

I agree however it would be better if the standard installer had a forced uninstall option.

This wasn’t an “older” version removal problem, this was with the latest V7. with both uninstalling and reinstalling. I remember a similar experience before going from 5 to 6 where I also had to find the .msi installer to get it to install. Which I also posted about sometime ago.