Missing Buttons

Just downloaded and installed V3. During install, none of the lower border buttons showed on any of the GUI dialog windows. Also, Comodo crashed each time I tried to click on the 1 Pending File.

I’m running an up to date XP Pro SP2, with white text on black background theme, and Avast 4.8. Switching to Windows Classic theme did not help the missing button problem.

I have rolled back to ZoneAlarm Free.

I never heard of this problem but by chance are you using Windowblinds or some other skinning application?

I am running Avast 4.8, Windows Defender, and a lean list of Services derived from www.blackviper.com. That’s it.

Could be an Avast! issue, try disabling the anti-rootik and self-defense modules in troubleshooting and try again.

I was acctually goiing to suggest a full temporary uninstallation of Avast!, but I don’t think you would be much into it :P.

Fresh CDF3 download.

Uninstalled ZoneAlarm Free, Reboot, then disabled avast! rootkit scan and self-defense module, then Reboot, then disabled on-access protection.

Installed CDF3. I answer yes when asked if I want to continue. The YES NO buttons do appear on this first dialog window.

At the next window, there are no buttons. Nada… I close the window.

A small popup window asks if I want to exit setup and I answer yes. The YES NO buttons do appear on this popup window.

This sucks!

Hope ZoneAlarm gets uninstalled properly, there are some instructions here for complete removal:

I also would suggest complete uninstallation of Avast! 4.8v since I had many many issues with it, BUT before you do anything that will lead you to even further frustation, please wait for a reply by Vettetech :slight_smile:

When a program doesn’t work properly for me, I also don’t enjoy people having me make 10 uninstallations and installations a day :frowning:

Have you been running any registry cleaners lately?

Good Luck!

No frustration, just disappointment that what seems to be a well regarded product does not properly render dialog windows to the monitor. I did have it installed by guessing the location of the non-rendered buttons during the install process. While it was installed, I continued to experience some missing buttons on some dialog windows.

I’ve never had any avast! problems. You’ll have to trust that I thoroughly uninstalled ZoneAlarm, which I followed up with a dose of CCleaner. I’ve never had un/install problems with ZoneAlarm going back to V2.1.

I’m not familiar with XP’s GUI protocols, but I would suggest that the developers/testers concentrate their efforts here. When I vary my themes, from Windows Classic to High Contrast Black, I notice some variability with Comodo’s GUI.

There is nothing wrong with Comodo. I never heard of your problem. Did you say ZA 2.1? Thats hasn’t been around for about 7 - 8 years or so. CCleaner is not an uninstaller.

[s]Hi rshoch,

Are you using Windows Blinds by any chance?

Josh. [/s]

Already asked him that Josh. Look at my reply #1. And no he is not.