Missing Api features

Hello out there

i am really glad of using comodo firewall (:LOV) but there still some things that i miss or that could be changed

-1st i am missing a password protection for the config(to protect comodo against other apps and unexperienced users that may use my computer too)

-2nd it would be great if comodo would ask the user whether he would like to add a new installed to the trusted applications(maybe at first start).It is really annoying if you have to allow the new programm to use a special port or to connect to a specific ip …(e.g. auzureus)

-3rd is it possible to make a tiny api with which the user can translate the programm and sent translation to you…in this way comodo firewall could be published in englisch but the user could download a language file…and there would be really fast translations for many many languages.

sorry for my english