Missed defense +

My brother has an hp laptop with Vista SP1
I had him block hp firewall and install comodo
He indicated that he could not tell from the install what modules he was installing
He did not want to install the Clam AV, BHO toolbar or BO Clean but could not tell from the sereens what was what
I think he ended up not installing the Defender +
how would he add it to his installation?

His machine came with Webroot Spysweeper but subscription is up
He has windows defender (old Giant antispyware/ Windows antispyware) for real time anti spyware protection

MBAM and Spybot and Super Anti Spyware for on demand scanners
Avast AV has replaced one which came with his machine
IE user (X-AOL)

he has been infected before and is both computer unaware and paranoid

I need to add another gig of memory before considering BO-Clean

Hello welcome to the forums, Webroot sucks up memory like crazy! Would he consider having it on demand? :slight_smile:
I’m not 100% sure if you can turn D+ on if you didn’t turn it install it on the first installation… You could try this or a re-install.
To enable Defense+

Comodo → Defense+ → Advanced → Defense+ Settings → Then turn D+ on.

thanks kyle
webroot subscription has run out
webroot does use a lot of resources as do Spysweeper and Spywaredoctor- but they also do a lot
there is no free lunch
(wheras Older Norton- new one may be bette) and McAfee take more resources for same or worse results
will try to enable Defense+ or reinstall
I may have let to much in using learning mode anyway

Hi wyrmrider,
Check to make sure the box “Deactivate the Defence+ permanantly” in Defence+/Advanced/Defence+ Settings is not checked,and also under Miscellaneous/Manage my configurations/Select—>Comodo Optimum security should be greyed out with a tick next to it.

:Beer Matty