missed a file to back up [RESOLVED]

I have been using comodo backup for a few days without problems. Runs on time and everything. I am using it to back up my music on my computer. I added a new CD into my I tunes library which is the folder I am backing up. I ran the backup manually this time and it did not add the new file to the backup folder. I have it set on incremental so any changes to that folder should be picked up I assume. Dont know why it did not pick this one up. It has in the past.

Hi drew64

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The only reason that I can think of why CB did not catch your new file would be if the file was open at the time you ran the backup, otherwise it should be working.

Let us know if you get it going.


Figured it out. THe wrong drive was listed as the drive to back up to.


Thread closed then , if you need it reopened please pm an active moderator with the link of this topic