misinterpretation of drive mapping

Firewall: latest update of Free version of CIS (december 2009)
OS: both XP pro and XP home.

I installed a Fonera router which has a usb-port. On this port one ore more disk drives may be installed, say “MyDrive”.

I mounted the path \fonera\Media\Mydrive as “S:”-drive on my system.
Now the emailprogram on Mydrive\pmail\programs\winpm-32.exe is started with the command

Now the firewall keeps complaining about un unknown application at
“S:\fonera\Media\MyDrive\pmail\programs\winpm-32.exe”. The complaints will only cease when the firewall stays in training mode, which obviously is not intended.

Mounted drives are not treated as safe; like USB and Flash drives. It is by design and therefor not a bug. It will “forget” rules after each time the disk gets unmounted (rebooting of logging off also counts as unmounting iirc).