Misinform the signature

Seen on multiple forums

when clicked goes to → ping-timeout.de

YOUR IP: 000

how can it be disabled/ misinformed/ fixed ? O0

would appreacite it cause I hate it so much you cant imagine…

thanks for yr responses!

Hi Korben,

You should take a look at this project.

Tor is good but its speed is nothing if you used to 0.5 Mbit/s and higher (ADSL connection).

If privacy is a concern maybe Rogue Nodes Turn Tor Anonymizer Into Eavesdropper’s Paradise article could worth reading.

Yep, it is very valuble information for any Tor user. All Tor’s exit nodes should not be considered safe unless channel with target is encrypted (e.g. HTTPS).

Why it never occured to me… still I dont know why hehe

Thanks gents!

P.S. wish one day CIS will take care of this :wink:

It’s already there i guess: CIS Pro subscription provides access to TrustConnect service. Idea behind this service is similar to Tor, but speed should be (much) higher because Comodo’s servers are used. Not sure whether TrustConnect is only for wireless internet access. “Wired” users may be interested in it, too
TrustConnect is for wireless users as well as for wired (FAQ, question “Do I have to use a wireless connection to use Comodo TrustConnect?”)