Mis-Located Copy & Paste of text on Web Forums...

May occur when making entries on any web site board posting.
I have noted when, for example, I try to copy & paste a url or other line of text into the body of a post I’m typing, I find perhaps 1 in 2 or 3 tries, the copied text enters in other than where my cursor would indicate it should go.

Often, when multiple paragraphs involved, the text will go into the body of text in the paragraph ABOVE the one I’m working on or at end of that paragraph instead of end of current one.
Can’t say for sure if only when manually (mouse click) placing cursor to next line or whether also if using enter key to reach next line. Feeling it’s both.

Can get it in properly in second or third try (after deleting erroneous one) but it’s annoying & time consuming if you’re a long- winded 2 finger typer like myself!!! Could it be interaction w/ Spellbound extension on Sea Monkey 1.1.2 ? Or specifically attached to SUN Java 1.4.2_15 ?
Does not occur EVERY post but frequently…perhaps depends on what system each web site uses? :THNK

Having chased this around for over a month, I am now CERTAIN this ONLY occurs when I have BOC active (w/ or without Tea Time active).
This does not occur with Tea Timer & AVG AV active but no BOC.

Thanks for any & all thoughts!! (:HUG) Sandy

Do you see this also in other browsers (Opera, Firefox, IE) or just in your Seamonkey config? Did you test Seamonkey without all plugins? I’m using BOClean now since Comodo released it and I did never encounter typing issues on 6 PCs I’m in charge of. Sounds weird.

Hi,weaker: Thanks for thoughtful reply!

I actually never use another browser just Sea Monkey & before that Mozilla suite. I actually have basically un-updated IE6 but am afraid to even open it (LOL)!!

Copied from another post:

Indeed it would sound like some kind of conflict between BOC & Sea Monkey as SM doesn’t display this behavior without BOC. For some time I wondered if it was my Java, but works elsewhere so java must be (& does test) OK. Surprising perhaps because most of SM is same/similar to Firefox. FF requires SP2 & later Java 5/6 where SM does not( but can use them if installed, which I don’t have/want).

I’m not sure how to disable any plugins in SM. There are some auto brought over from registry during SM install (showing enabled), but the originating applications ( Adobe, WMP, Real Player etc.) are disabled from start-up list and don’t run in background. I expect they might boot when requested from net thru SM (example viewing an on line clip .wmv will start WMP).
Then again the problem doesn’t appear if BOC not booted.
Perhaps it relates to the actual placement motion ( during its(BOC’s) 1 every 10 second scan flash) which seems to affect some A-X local shooting games (Zuma Deluxe) buy causing jitters in video and erratic aiming of shots. Again this disappears when I disable BOC.

Thanks for the thoughts :THNK !! Sandy.

Is that right: you don’t have SP2 installed? That is highly careless and inacceptable from a security viewpoint. You can’t expect any product to secure your Windows if Windows itself still has the holes it had 5 years ago. Before you think about other security solutions: Update your Windows to at least SP2. And I’d install the security updates since then, too.

Whether or not SP2 should be installed is probably up for debate (where’s Aladinonl? :wink: ) I have read some people’s opinion (from security standpoint) that SP2 while fixing some issues, caused more to occur, and that by not installing it, you avoid a plethora of other Windows issues.

Whether or not this is a big issue in reality, I do not know. Regardless, BOC should still work, afaik. I thought there might be an issue with a non-SP2 machine, but the support docs say XP (any, including 64-bit) which would seem to make that a non-issue.

Perhaps you have the dreaded “text-placement virus”. Just kidding… To my knowledge, no such thing exists. :wink: :wink: But what happens if you google “text-placement virus”? Hmm…

I’ve not see or experienced this issue before. So this happens to you in any forum/website where you post?