Miro 1.1 (Formely Known as Democracy Player) Suspicions

Most of you should know, Miro (formerly known as Democracy Player) is the free and open source internet TV platform, and it is quite popular and very good ratings.

I was using the latest Miro 1.1, and when I was about to watch the video, CFP 3 launched possible malware behavior in Miro’s directory. I know Miro isn’t a bad program at all, So I allowed the request, Then that silly “Send Error Report to Microsoft came up”, and Miro then crashed on me.

Again… I allowed the request. Was it really malware behavior in Miro? Everything is OK after the crash.


[attachment deleted by admin]

I can’t tell for sure, but I’d guess that even though it may appear like a suspicious behavior to CFP, it isn’t actually anything malicious. I got the same alert yesterday for ClamWin Antivirus portable. Though, I suppose there should be a bigger possibility of alerts for an AV program than a media player. Of course, you didn’t download Miro from a “suspicious” site?

Would be interesting to really find out why a media player has a behavior that is recognized as possibly malicious.


EDIT: By the way, it seems (from your very few tray icons and desktop shortcuts) like you have no antivirus to scan the file with?