mirc is a virus?

Hi to all of you.
I am a new member to this great forum and my question is this:
As i long i had AVG as my antivirus i didn’t have any problem with mirc (version 6.16)
Yesterday i formatted my system and i decided to replace AVG and give an oportunity to Comodo antivirus 1.1
Unfortunatelly when i installed mirc,comodo decided that it’s a virus and quarantined it.
I search for older versions of mirc and i discovered that the problem is after mirc 5.61 (if my memory doesn’t cheat me)
Any way the thing is that comodo recognizes mirc as a virus…is it?
(I am from Greece and my English are not very good…excuse me for possible mistakes)

Hi thanos, welcome to the forums.

If we’re talking about the application mIRC, then no… that is almost certainly a false positive. However, mIRC installations can be infected with worms. But, CAVS 1.1 is a beta & should be treated as such. I recommend that you set CAVS On-Access scanner to deny access rather than automatically quarantine items. In the case of mIRC, you will now need to set CAVS to exclude it (ie. not scan).

Also we do have Greek section here. Ask them about the new CAVS 2 beta, it might be more appropriate for you.

I hope that helps.

Kail, thank you very much for your advice…
I just changed the settings and now mirc.exe is excluted from virus list so i can have full acess…
By the way,do you think that comodo antivirus as a beta version is not so safe and functional?Are there any bugs?
(and of course i’ll visit soon the Greek forumjavascript:void(0):wink:

Hi thanos

No, it is safe. But I do feel that the latest CAVS beta 2 ( is better than CAVS 1.1 beta. Also I think a new release of the CAVS 2 beta is due within the next few days.

Edit: pandlouk is the guy you’re looking for. A moderator here & very knowledgeable. He also just happens to be Greek as well.