mIRC False Positive

CAVS3 RC1 keeps thinking mIRC is a virus…


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Does that happen when you launch the program?


Yes and also during installation.

Hello. please send the file into comodo

For now, If you are sure it’s safe - Ignore the EXE or put the folder into exclusion list,

Hope this helps


When I try to overwrite the mirc.exe file, Windows keeps saying I don’t have the proper permissions to access it now. I am using Windows XP Pro and I am using an administrative account. Has COMODO locked the file down?

EDIT: Yup it was COMODO. After adding the directory to the exclusion list, I was able to delete it and put it back on. I really don’t like COMODO having more power over my files than I do with an administrative account.

Hehe, Comodo is very powerfull :stuck_out_tongue: Which is generally a good thing!
Comodo thought it to be suspecious, locked it down. Did what it was meant to do.
How ever this was a false positive lol, Hopefully it will be fixed soon! Sorry about the trouble.


No problem. Thanks for the help.

Usually the word “suspicious” is heuristics in theory, Which is not in CIS yet. :slight_smile: So you can expect more powerful tech to come…


Hi BTJustice,

The detection is not FP. Mirc is detected only as a “potentially dangerous” application. I am unsure as to why it is detected by a different name, We will look into that.


It’s good you guys detect this stuff too.


Baskar: To politely disagree, CAVS3 detects mirc.exe as a virus as seen in the screenshot in the OP. Since mirc.exe is a legitimate program and has been around for years, this is a FP unless mirc.exe is indeed infected with something which it is not.

The flip side of the coin is that all applications can be potentially dangerous.

His looking into it. :wink:


We will definitely look into the issue of the file getting detected under a different name. But why mirc is detected has reasons. We have had malware in the past installing mirc in the user’s pcs without their consent to connect to IRC via backdoors. There is no disagreement with the fact the MIRC itself is a legitimate application. But its potential malicious usage and such incidents in the past creates a situation where we have to inform the users about the presence of such applications.

You can always put the file on the exclusion list.


Strange… I’ve just ionstalled mIRC onto my computer with CIS watching… nothing’s wrong. It did not ntoify me that it is a virus.

I use the 6.21 version of mIRC.