#mIRC dcc how to for version 3? DCC dead on 3 computers

Is there a how to for confgiuring mIRC DCC ports for version 3? I did a search and only came up with one for version 2. Also if I added an application to the trusted list how do I remove it?

About had it with Comodo firewall >:( I have installed the application on 3 different machines and none of them are capable of doing DCC in mIRC. I have looked at all the posts that I could fine and none of them seem to work. If the aim of Comodo firewall is to raise the frustration level in the users it certainly has done that with me. I uninstalled a competitor of Comodo, Online Armor and never had this much problem with getting DCC to work.

Hi frustrated

Have you checked out this link . I don’t use MIRC but there are many who do and possibly someone here will give you the way that they got it to work.


Yes I did and I think I did what they were taking about in the thread but no difference :-[

I am sorry to say that after waiting 2 days for help I have had to uninstalled Comodo and went with another software firewall to fix the DCC problems. :cry: