Mint 14/Ubuntu 12.10 startup issue - cmdagent is not running


I was able to install Comodo using the .deb installer 64 bit on my mint 64 bit system. the problem is, even though it is present in startup programs, it does not startup on restart. I have to start the program manually. Also first time i start it, it gives error cmdagent not running, i have to run diagnostics and then start Comodo.

Please assist

I ran into the same issue and the problem is how the software detects what OS you are using. it looks into the /etc/issue file. For mint it should by default be Linux Mint 14 Nadia, or something along those lines. I looked at the,, and files and found that these scripts look to /etc/issue for OS identification. ‘Mint’ is not in the list. So to fix it and make it start automatically I simply added Mint to it and then in the areas where it was looking for Debian|Ubuntu, I modified to Debian|Ubuntu|Mint. This fixed the link to the functions and made it able to start automatically. I hope this makes sense and helps.