Minor problems with Spam

Email comes from a random name like Betsy Driscoll (I know no Betsys nor Driscolls and neither is in my address book!) This name is never used twice.

The domain is a fake and is seldom used more than once.

Thus blocking sender or blocking domain is really a waste of time. (Or have I got this all wrong!?). And would reporting such spam to Comodo really help anyone?

The email is usually some random garbage like today’s: “Friend Zzounds Instrument Equipment Store or bmg of Columbia House is dvd ebay Amazon…” followed by a suggestion that one buys some little known stock as it is about to “go through the roof”. This suggestion is embedded as some kind of image so individual words/expressions in the image could not be ruled out.

Comodo Anti Spam does normally stop them all and they and they are quarantined for 2 days to give me a chance to glance at them in case CAS has been over zealous (this occasionally happens if I ask for a password to be reset and so forth…………………) I hesitate to have CAS delete them automatically, which I would prefer, but pause before taking this drastic step. Does anyone have a word for advice on this dilemma?

Denis (V)

Getting 15-30 of these a day. I thought is was a setting I was missing, or CAS not working with Thunderbird. I dont know which.

Thunderbird integration is a must.