Minor issues....please help

Two part question concerning my Comodo SSL…

  1. The business address on the red triangle pop-up is partial incorrect (wrong zip code AND street name is not capitalized). How do I get this changed?

  2. I would like to use a different Comodo SSL icon (as opposed to the floating red triangle). Is this possible? I already have the icon in place on my site–I just need the code to link to it. How do I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


For 1. any change to address etc needs to be re-validated.
So, please send details to accountchanges [ at ] comodo.com (you will need to register on the support ticketing system).
You can also find this email address in your account.
Or please submit a ticket to Account Changes at http://support.comodo.com with the details to change. The team are listed in the drop-down.

For 2. please submit a ticket to support at http://support.comodo.com
The support team have details of any alternative Trustlogos.