Minor issue with CTFmon.exe (

With, after a short period of time if I attempt to shutdown or restart then the program ctfmon.exe somewhat hangs before shutting down. I tried reinstalling .15 and the restarts/shutdowns go smoothly, reinstall .16 and it kind of hangs, back to .15 now.

edit: I no longer experienced this after .18

Acer Aspire 1700
Windows XP Home Version 2000 Service Pack 2
Pentium 4 3.06ghz
3.05ghz of Ram
AVG 7.5 Anti Virus Professional

Same here on shutdown it hangs, only for about 5 seconds.

i got ctfmon and the language tool bar with ie7 and have turned it off so if you doin’t need it

To simply turn off ctfmon.exe go to Control Panel>Regional and Language Options>Languages>Details>Advanced,
and check the box that says “Turn off advanced text services” and no more ctfmon


You could try to add C:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exe to Interprocess memory access exclusion list of All application (*) policy of Defense+.
As Exclusion list was reported to fail in this release this may not work this time neverthless it’s worth a try.

Thanks lurk, that worked for me! :wink: