Minor GUI bug (XP X32,

In the top left corner of the CFP GUI window, there’s a red pixel (from what I can see. I haven’t zoomed in on it.) See attached image. It has been around since the first alpha version of CFP 3, in case it hasn’t been brought up before I’m doing it now… (I know, ridiculous to pay attention to this!)

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It’s very non-lifing to find it, but you’re not the first one :wink:
It has been brought up a few days ago.


Thanks for pointing out this flaw, Lars. I now have to tolerate with yet another PITA annoyance red dot. You have deprived me of my sleep :(.

Oh, I missed that one. Well now it has been reported.

Are you telling me that you haven’t seen this before? You’ve had 8 months, diabolic ■■■■■■. :stuck_out_tongue:


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That is a V3 pixie.
All glitches so far were caused by their league.

According to the legends you should setup a milky screensaver and enable cookies in your browser.

BTW I got that pixie too.


Well I’m glad I’m not alone. :-La Btw maybe we can get rid of the pixel by making new skins for the Firewall. I haven’t tried it.


You have a very good vision I noticed today. Well I don’t know if that’s really a bug (no offense) (:AGL) , but I must recgnize you have a great vision. (:LGH)


(B) (R) (V) :■■■■

Still my sight has gotten really bad lately. I’ve had glasses since the age of 7 and now, for the first time, I’m seriously concerned. :-\

Anyway, I did spot that spot. (:NRD)


These sized glasses ???


That guy rules…