Minor graphical bug in Comodo Dragon

Well, this is really minor, but there’s a small graphical bug when transferring files in the animation. I’ve attached a pic of what I mean.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Can you point to the graphical bug? I am afraid I am not seeing it.

I’m talking about the clipping in the circular progress graph. I’ve used chrome for some months and I don’t recall that happening…

I have no such GUI bug…

I just reinstalled windows and dragon was one of the first things I installed, along with CIS, so I doubt its some software conflict. Doesn’t bother me much, but just thought I’d report it. If I can help in some way let me know.

If you cold add the information as described in How to Submit Bug Reports (read this if you want them fixed) you would greatly help Comodo devs to isolate the problem.

Thank you very much in advance.

[b]I can reproduce the “bug” by downloading any file and going to the transfers page. The same doesn’t happen in the graph that shows in the transfer bar below. I’ll attach two screenshots showing this.

Not sure what I can do to fix the issue. Tried deactivating all plugins, but the problem persisted.

The comodo version I have installed is 17.1.

I’ll attach a screen of the plugins I have, even though I doubt it’s related.

I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit, SP2.

My UAC is disabled.

Installation path is C:\Program Files\COMODO\Dragon

I’m the only user on this computer, and chrome has never been installed, as I installed dragon right after I formatted.

Also, since it seems to be a resizing problem, my current resolution is 1920x1200.[/b]

If there’s anything else I can do to help, let me know. :-TU

[attachment deleted by admin]

i have the same graphic bug he is talking about when you go to the download page it is not a full circle