minor but annoying : 'detached' tabs now maximized (full-sreen) automaticly

Hi all ! Since last 75.0.3770.100 update, when a tab is “detached” (dragged using the mouse) in order to open it as a separate window, the new Dragon window is instantly auto-maximized instead of cloning the size and state of the “parent” CD window [I NEVER run such maximized browser windows, that I hate with predjudice].

PLEASE tell if there’s a user settable option to revert to the good old behavior !

In case there is no way to currently modify this (stupid in my humble opinion) deliberate change PLEASE consider implementing such a choice into the newt iteration. T.Y, Comodo !
You shouldn’t feel constrained by Google’s views they want to impose on their users BTW…

Hello Czerno thank you for repporting this issue, can u tell us please what version of windows are you running, x86 or x64, can u confirm that u drag the new tab next to the previous one, dooing that it will keep it’s scale…if u drag it on the top or edge of the screen it will become fullscreen, u can see in the video link i have attached

Pasw: comodo123

Hi Sergiu ! After some more testing and trialing, you’re right of course, auto-maximizing of detached tabs occur only under certain conditions, namely, it seems, when the initial window, from which the tab is detached, has its title bar partly pushed outside the frame of the display. Now I realize somewhat embarassingly that the behavior, however surprising and annoying, must have been present in earlier versions too and only by coincidence hit me just now.

Now knowing how to avoid the phenomenon it won’t be so terrible after all :=)

Thanks !

Yes Czerno, this is a feature that was implemented some time ago and this is how it was meant and should work, we appreciate the effort of writing to us, we are always opend to new ideeas, have a nice day