Minor Bug?

Quarantine window opens behind the main GUI i.e first time opens behind the GUI, subsequent try opens fine.

Can anyone confirm?

Win 7 64
Latest CIS Premium Suite Defaults & Password Protection enabled.

No one with this bug?

On my computer quarantine Window opens in front of Comodo’s main gui. I have lastest CIS and Win7 32bit.

same here and I have Win 7 64bit and latest CIS

Can you guyz plzz check with password protection enabled?

I checked…

Password Protection Enabled - Quarantine window opens behind GUI.
Password Protection Disabled - Quarantine window opens fine i.e in front of GUI.

Plzz check & confirm.

Password Protection Enabled : quarantine opens in front GUI
Password Protection Disabled : quarantine opens in front GUI

everything looks fine here…no bug or something like that :-TU

For me, with password protection enabled, the quarantine window always opens behind the main CIS GUI.

However, with password protection disabled, the quarantine window always opens in front of the main CIS GUI.

Same here, this is a bug.

I’ll make a report for this in the morning.