Minor Annoyance with P2P rules


This is my first post so I hope someone can help me (:TNG)

I’ve been using Comodo firewall for some months and I like it VERY much. I’ve used lots of firewalls and before Comodo my personal favorite was Outpost firewall (even if it was bloated and took forever to load at windows startup).

The good thing about Outpost 3.51 was that after creating the rules for P2P applications (I use eMule) I never got any issues with having a lowID. Now with Outpost 4.0 the need of creating rules is not necessary since the firewall detects it and configures it automatically.

With Comodo firewall I have to configure those rules and I did it properly as instructed here (https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,25.msg111.html#msg111). After adding the rules above the Block all rule I get the highID status I need for eMule to work as intended.

The minor annoyance I refer to in my topic’s subject is that every time I start eMule I get lowID, rules configured and properly set. To solve this issue I have to move up the rule and down again. After doing that I get a highID. It is quite annoying since I have to repeat the same procedure every time I start eMule.

Any help will be welcome :slight_smile:

When I use Azureus it takes about 3 minutes before i get green light… I don’t move the rule up and down, just waits… Have you tried to just wait a few minutes?

Yes, I’ve waited up to 10 minutes in more than one occasion but the only solution was moving the rules up and down

I forgot to say, welcome to the forum!
I just wonder if you have tried to have the rule at the top?
A stupid question maybe, but have you rebooted your computer after setting the rules?
At least, you have to restart the firewall just to be sure.
Have you unchecked the “use UPnP” option in Azureus?
I also have “skip loopback TCP” in security/advanced/misc checked in the firewall.
I recommend you to use a high port so the risk of some other app is gonna use it is less. Above 30000 would be fine.
You can also check your log if something gets blocked in network monitor or application monitor.
Just to be sure i will make an example of a network rule. :wink:
Lets say that you set port 48888 in your P2P program.
Then you have to set that port in network monitor like this.
Click on the top rule (ID 0) in network monitor. Right click it and choose add/add rule before.

Action : Allow
Protocol : TCP or UDP
Direction : In
Source IP : Any
Destination IP : Any (zone if you have one)
Source Port : Any
Destination Port : A single port : 48888

Restart the firewall and Azureus. If it doesn’t work, check the log if something gets blocked, and if it still doesn’t work, restart your PC.
I hope this helps. It should work… ::slight_smile:

I already tried placing the rules at the top. Also tried rebooting my PC or restarting the firewall. Use UPnP is disabled. The “Skip loopback TCP” option is checked as you suggest. And the network rule is similar to what you’ve written, except in Destination IP where I’ve put my PC’s hostname.

Still it’s not working :frowning:

Hi GustavoB

Did you check CFWs Log (Activity → Logs)? If CFW is blocking something & the default final block rule still exists, then you should be able find corresponding entries in there. This should give you a good indication what is being blocked.