Minimises game

Whenever any software firewall including comodo firewall and zonealarm update themselves, any game i am playing or anything that is running “fullscreen” minimises itself, showing the desktop.

I was surprised that it happened to comodo as well as i thought this problem only happened with ZA. So it must be a general problem with my computer.

Id be grateful for any help


Happy to know i’m not the only one with this strange behavior.

I only have comodo firewall (not ZA) and it does the same at every updates.

While playing a game, if the CFP update itself in the background, the game reduces itself to taskbar and the desktop is shown…The game don’t close (hopefully) but it happens often in a middle of a game. it’s so surprising that I first think it was a game crash…
It happens everyday while i’m always playing “STALKER” game.

If someone know something about this, let us know please


Unfortunatly, i don’t know how one turns off the auto-update, but i do know how to block it.
Add the rule in Application Monitor: cpfupdat.exe (in the programs folder, under Comodo\Firewall) - skip parent (or specify cpf.exe located in the same directory) - block.

See if it works. CPF will have a new version next month, so this shouldn’t hurt. When it arrives, i suggest uninstalling this version and installing that one fresh.


Hello. You can disable auto update to Security>Advance>Miscellaneous>Configure. Uncheck “Automatically check for program files updates” and “Automatically check for COMODO certified applications updates”. Hope this help to fix your problem.


Heh, that’s it. (i have to stop checking firewalls left and right)

Is there a way to set a time for the update because I’d like to keep the auto update on?

I don’t think so.
Anyways, there’s probably not going to be any more releases for COMODO’s safe application database for 2.4, as CPF 3 is on the way. So you can disable it without any problems.


Ok and thank’s. GTR2 minimized on me a few times during online races and made me loose places, so it was rather annoying.