MiniDuke: New cyber-attack 'hacks governments' for political secrets...

The governments of at least 20 countries may have fallen victim to a sophisticated new cyber-attack. Security experts believe the hackers are attempting to steal political intelligence.

Computer security firms Kaspersky Lab and CrySyS Lab discovered the malware dubbed “MiniDuke” targeted government computers in the Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal and Romania along with think tanks, research institutes and healthcare providers in the United States.

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The plot thickens in the cyberwars… it appears that malware writers from the late 90’s have come out of retirement

"This is a very unusual cyber-attack," the Guardian quoted Kaspersky CEO . "I remember this style of malicious programming from the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s. I wonder if these types of malware writers, who have been in hibernation for more than a decade, have suddenly awoken and joined the sophisticated group of threat actors active in the cyber world."

I think this statement of mine applies well here as well.

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good news is we are sat behind the best security (IMO) on offer today
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