Mini Security Test vs Defense+ ?

Hello friends!
I am sorry if I write not clearly. I write through the translator.
Mini Security Test 0.1 beta is a program for definition of vulnerability of the computer, the program not the professional.
CIS doesn’t cope with the test. Some other antiviruses cope with the test.
In what there can be a problem?
UAC it is necessary to disconnect.
Mini Security Test 0.1 beta Portable RUS

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The file is a trusted file and will therefor have more rights than a non trusted file. That will skew the results.

To see CIS at work you need to remove the file from Trusted Files and set D+ to Paranoid mode. Then try again. I am having a problem running the program here at Win 7 x86. I keep on getting i/o error 103.

EricJH, thanks for the answer.

New version of the Test program is available now.

Look at the Comodo Firewall’s or Comodo Internet Security’s options:
Politicy (Politics) of system (computer) security
Rules of (for) proactive defence

Look it for browsers: custom’s or predefined politics. Look it’s specific settings. Look it’s rights of accesses (and it’s “Change” options) and Active defences or not. Look allowed/permitted/authorized applications, plugins, attachments for browsers.

Apply those politics and rights of accesses to this Test program. Why? Because WinLock penetrate through browser, through it’s vulnerabilities and through it’s media extensions’ and additions’ vulnerabilities.

Test it now! There are 5 of 7 WinLock-test’s break-in injections! :frowning: Only 2 of 7 passes. Windows XP system 32 bit SP3. Safe ot Paranoid Comodo Proactive Defence Mode.

As decision: Comodo team must realize the additional tray quick menu’s option: AntiWinLock Defence on/off.

Possible (I don’t know where is better) to move here the Topic?

As temporary decision, please write full instruction how better adjust Сomodo Defence+ for Anti WinLock (through browsers and it’s applications, plugins, attachments), and what the tray quick menu Proactive Defence’s Mode (safe or paranoid)?
Taking into account more quick and easy AntiWinLock on/off.
Remember about to save the browsers’ maximally functionality.


Another temporary decision: 2 reg-files for Anti-(WinLock through basic browsers) on/off.
Of course, for all actual Windows OSs.

With winXP no longer supported and Win7 widely accepted and in use, why test with XP alone?

Because I paid the money for officially licenced OS, and official Extended Support (updates by MS) is until April 8, 2014.
Win XP’s share of the market now is still great.

System Requirements:
Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2

I just ran the new Mini Security Test on XP and it blocked all of the actions when sandboxed. See image.

I will move this topic to the Leak Test board.

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ecause I payed money for officially licenced OS, and official Extended Support (updates by MS) is until April 8, 2014. Win XP's share of the market now is still great.