MINE ? is icedragon real ?

i would like that ice dragon be My browser and … NO … i see on the window comodo internet security that it is InternetExplorer which running !
and that for my vpn and for my web game !
scandalous :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
have i to remove/erase/delete icedragon ?

Hi merke,
Sorry I am not quite understanding this post. :-
Are you saying IceDragon is running as Internet Explorer and showing up in the connections window as such?

Are you saying IceDragon is running as Internet Explorer

It seems that yes …
I.E take the connections first …

why my vpn is running with I.E ?
as I.E
is it a dev trick for being accepted from microsoft as legitimate firewall ?

Are the network connections transmitted first from I.E to CIS like under the authority-microsoft rules as a secured layer ?
Does it mean that administrator rights are in the hands of microsoft ?
i do not understand that.
i did not understand why defender and windows firewall suddenly become active like i did not understand why my torrents were suddenly locked so , i made a fresh install version 7 and now i realize that it is not ice dragon my browser but maybe I.E … i do not understand … is it the same in virtual kiosk ?

could you explain to me that ?
explorer.exe is I.E is not it ?
an option could be add to cis for stopping this intrusive activity of I.E and, when active; shutting down windows firewall and windows defender : i was certain that all that was done automatically.

Hi merke,
I am sorry this is going over my head. :-[

One thing ‘explorer.exe’ is not related to ‘Internet Explorer’.
Windows user shell (Windows explorer) = explorer.exe.
Internet Explorer = iexplore.exe.

IceDragon = icedragon.exe.

yes you are right, a big error : mea culpa
i was so afraid that it can be true ; paranoiac idea

You are only human. :slight_smile:

Thx captainsticks.