MIL's and Jackboots in Action

I wonder why the reviewer didn’t mind posting a screenshot of his/her MAC addy.

Well, you can easily change it if you know how to do, like me :wink:

It was probably somebody else’s computer… ;D

Probably his mother-in-laws PC.


Lol, why you people have something against mothers-in-law on this forum? ;D


Personally, I think mother-in-laws are ok. Where would the world be without them?


More boring as we wouldn’t have any mother-in-law jokes without them? ;D

Aah, that was Paul (aka ComicFan…) at the helm of that boat… But I’m sure he loves his MIL dearly nonetheless! ;D


PS: And you gotta admit, there are some great jokes out of that ~

Yes I gotta admin that ;D
And also I gotta admit I thought this topic would be closed form spamming and off-topic, as MIL have nothing to do with CPF being the best firewall in the world?


Hut hut! Bring out yer jackboots! All OT posters will now be summarily executed. Zzzt, zzzt, ppoofffff!

Okay, enough’s enough I guess. :wink: The Comodo fanclub relaxes back into the blissful glow of rampant superiority of the Comodo firewall and warmly welcomes the new converts to its supremacy. Aah, peace and security abound.


There is nothing wrong with mother in laws that can’t fixed with a sliver bullet or a sharpened stake. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

As Forrest Gump says “That’s all I have to say 'bout that”


Sorry to be the bearer of the jackboots, but I — really don’t know how to handle this one. It’s kind of late for my intervention for the old “please stay on topic” message. I guess I could split the OT posts and xfer them to the OT thread? What say yee? (Never mind. I’m going to do it anyway).

Good ol’ Soya! I knew we could count on you!

Do you have a positional statement, re: mothers-in-law?


I don’t have one :frowning: (or is it :slight_smile: ?)

Yes. Preferred position is 6 foot under. Deep down they’re not bad. :wink: