Millions of firewall events...

I am using Comodo Internet Security Free with Windows 7 (Pro x64) and realised just the frequency of firewall events just tonight, initially I thought it was all something to do with my tinkering whilst trying to get an install of WAMPS running (and other things, like disabling win7 services and the like) until I checked out these forums…I have did all as suggested in these threads and nothing makes any difference.
About 10 events a minute at most, 5 at least are still occuring and to be quite honest, it’s a bit ridiculous having to go through all the hoops as suggested anyway…it’s actually easier setting up WAMPS!
Application: Windows Operating System. Blocked TCP (in some case it’s UPD and in some rare cases, ICMP) Source and destination ports vary and Source IP vary too (i use a high speed usb gsm modem) and the destination IP is pointed at the network centre for my broadband provider (Orange UK) in pretty much every case. Does anyone have any idea what on earth is going on? Any help would be very much appreciated, especially as I am already scouting for a replacement suite, but like comodo, so would prefer to keep it…if it can be tamed! Tommy

Hi tommy d, welcome to the forums.

I cannot help with WAMPS specifically, but when you see a Windows Operating System block this means that there is no matching Global or Application rule in CIS to deal with the traffic and it was blocked as an unsolicited connection attempt.

The Destination IP is probably your own Internet IP address assigned to you by Orange and these are probably inbound requests (which fits with the above). However, to be certain you’ll need to post some screen shots with examples of the blocks if anybody is to help resolve these issues.

Would WAMP be Apache server as from this page: ?