Migration of Chromodo v49+ to Comodo Dragon v57.0.2987.93

Hello, everyone!

We are very pleased to announce the migration of Chromodo v49+ to Comodo Dragon v57.0.2987.93.

Comodo Dragon is installed when Chromodo is updated (available through the update channel only).

After update:

  • a landing page notifying the user that the migration happened is displayed the first time Comodo Dragon starts (except when Comodo Dragon is first started after migration and was already installed)
  • Chromodo update setting is set on automatic
  • the profile from Chromodo is copied to Comodo Dragon if Comodo Dragon was not installed before the migration
  • chromodo.exe and all shortcuts to Chromodo open Comodo Dragon after migration
  • a shortcut to the previous version of Chromodo is added to the Comodo folder in the start menu
  • a chromodo_old.exe is added and opens the previous Chromodo version.

md5: fb5a3b4d2aa3ffb566dd9e8ecd6bb0b4
sha1: 34a61fad63f37726299b456ce6fcbbd7a997f551
sha256: d3e880ec661a1e672676274915ec9f2946f45f68e1b832cc6db76067e61779c1


The Comodo Browser Team

Another time consuming, money consuming product (called Chromodo) is discontinued.

Thanks Comodo, we said it years ago… it was useless while we have Comodo Dragon. (better brand on market)

When can we expect new releases of CD? Where were your promises Comodo? and browser team?
the browser team always changing… Anyway, have a good day guys :slight_smile:

Since Chromodo is obviously no longer an option, once Dragon is installed is it advisable to uninstall Chromodo? I don’t wish to keep programs that I no longer use.

The update should replace Chromodo with Dragon but if it’s still showing as installed after the update you should uninstall Chromodo.


Thanks, I had assumed that Dragon would replace Chromodo, but it was still showing as installed, so I wondered. I uninstalled.

Thank you for the heads up and instructions about the migration. :slight_smile:

I had been wondering whether Chromodo was discontinued or if it would still eventually get updated.

I got the notification that the migration had happened but all my passwords saved in chromodo weren’t migrated. How do I get them back