Migrating over from ZoneAlarm

I’ve been using ZA (free) for years and years and have wanted to switch away from it since way back. Now that I have Comodo installed and running, I’m a bit unsure of where to find what settings and wondered if I could get some guidance on where to find what.

For instance:

  • With ZA, I had it set so anytime any application/service/Windows-service wanted to access the internet, I would be notified and could take the appropriate Allow/Deny action.
  • In ZA, to modify an applications Allow/Deny rule there was a very easy way to change that. I’m not sure where that area is in Comodo.

That’s all for now. I appreciate any help. Thanks!

You can set Firewall Behaviour Settings (Firewall → Advanced) to Block All Mode.

You can lookup and revise the firewall rules under Network Security Policy (Firewall–> Advanced).

I’m not sure if that’s what I’m after, or maybe I’m just not looking in the right place. I set the mode to Block All, which did just that. However when I started up a stock trading application (Quotetracker), I wasn’t notified that it was trying to access the internet… it just didn’t. It wasn’t until I switched the mode back to Safe that I was prompted with a “Quote tracker is trying to access the internet” message, and then prompted to allow/deny it.

Comodo’s description of the mode didn’t seem to lay all the details out for me, but does Safe Mode basically monitor all traffic and then prompt you whenever something tries to initiate an outbound connection for the first time? I’m a bit fuzzy between what the difference is between Safe Mode and Trail Mode are.

I guess a side question would be, how do I turn off or reset all the “safe applications” so that I’m the one who defines what app is “safe”?

Thanks again!

If you want to be in charge even with safe applications then delete all application rules and put the firewall in Custom Policy Mode. Now you are fully in charge. You may want to consider not to delete the rules for the Windows and Comodo applications.

In safe mode, applications that are on the safe list or who have digital signatures that are on the My Trusted Software Vendors list will get rules made automatically. That is done to reduce the amount of alerts for people who don’t want to get to the total bottom yet still maintain security.